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Peninsula Community Health

Alert Regarding Drink Thickening Products

Important message for people with swallowing problems


Do you or your family member have swallowing problems? Do you use powders such as Thick and Easy, Resource or Nutilis  to thicken your drinks?

There has been a report of the powder being swallowed without adding liquid which lead to a fatality.
Please only use the thickener as directed by your Speech and Language Therapist or Health care professional.
Do not  try to consume it without liquid.
If you are a carer please do not leave the powder within reach of someone who may misuse it. Sadly some people who have dementia, stroke, Parkinson's or mental health problems may mistake it for food and attempt to eat it. Similarly someone who has poor vision may also mistake the product for food.
Always replace the lid tightly on the tin and store it out of sight.
Always ensure that the tin is within date
Always use the thickener as directed by the Speech and Language therapist
If you have any concerns please contact your Speech and Language therapist or the Speech and Language Therapy service on 01872 246993