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Peninsula Community Health

Minor Illness & Urgent Care

In April 2014 David Cameron announced a Prime Minsters Challenge Fund, a one-off fund to increase access to family doctors. We have been awarded funds to spend on increasing access to primary care during 2014/15 and are working closely with our partners to use these funds to provide a range of urgent care services. By providing these additional services we hope to make it easier for local people to be treated closer to home for a wider range of conditions.  

What are they?

Urgent Care Centre

Camborne Community Hospital

URGENT CARE opening times

Please contact MIU to check availability of the service

Urgent Care is an alternative to accident and emergency (A&E) for a range of minor injuries and urgent medical problems.

It is a walk-in service for patients whose condition is urgent enough that they cannot wait for the next GP appointment (usually within 48 hours) but who do not need emergency treatment at A&E. 

Minor Illness

Camborne Redruth, and Stratton Community Hospitals

You can now be seen, and often treated, seven days a week, 8am to 10pm with the following symptoms:

Stratton Minor Illness is open 24 hours

• Conjunctivitis – red/sore eyes
• Fungal infections – e.g. nappy rash
• Ear infections
• Urine/bladder infections (women)
• Eczema and minor skin conditions
• Chickenpox
• Colds and sore throats
• Hand, foot and mouth disease (sore throat, rash and blisters)

Many of these conditions can also be seen by a pharmacist who can recommend over the counter remedies or in some cases dispense medicine usually only available on prescription.

Please note that if nurses in our hospitals dispense medicine, they will have to charge the standard prescription fee.

Where do they sit in the healthcare service?