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Peninsula Community Health

Information for Nursing Homes

Making Appropriate Referrals to Speech and Language Therapy

There are many residents in Nursing Homes who may experience communication or swallowing difficulties.

In order to access the appropriate service to assist them with their problems, they rely on the skill of the Nursing Home staff to trigger an appropriate referral. It can be easier to detect the communication problem, but it can be more tricky to determine which swallowing problem should go to Speech and Language, and which needs to go elsewhere. 

Adult Speech and Language Therapy has devised a swallowing referral flow chart to help staff who are uncertain as to whether the patient requires Speech and Language Therapy or another service.  

Managing Referrals

In addition to the referral flowchart, we are currently rolling out a Referrals management file to nursing homes in the county.

We hope the file will help nusing homes to support residents who have swallowing difficulties and require specific management to assist with their difficulties.

Our ambitious plan is to visit as many nursing homes as possible to explain the contents of the file to the manager/senior nurse. During this visit the file will be presented to the home. 

Request a Visit

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Click here for a Referral pathway for suspected dysphagia