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Date: 14 November 2014

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Expert Patient Programme

Expert Patient Programme

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Expert Patient ProgrammeWe provide training and support for adults who are living with a long-term health condition to manage their condition better on a daily basis.
There are millions of people in England with long term conditions such as Parkinson’s, motor neurone disease, epilepsy, acute leukaemia, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, diabetes etc., conditions that can not be cured but can be managed through medication and/or therapy. 

Not only does long-term illness bring symptoms that persist; it has comprehensive effects, changing how much you can do, your moods, your relationships, your finances, your plans for the future and your very sense of who you are. Chronic illnesses require long-term adjustments and have comprehensive effects on patients' lives.
An effective response is self-management, which means taking an active role in managing your condition. By learning new attitudes and skills, you can respond effectively to the challenges of illnesses that don't go away. Please Read Elaine's Story
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Peninsula Community Health
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Telephone: 01726 627800

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