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Early Intervention Service

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Local people told us that they want their care services as close to their home as possible, and they would like health, social care and a range of other services that offer support and care, to work together better, to meet their individual needs and improve wellbeing.

Aims of the service

  •  Give easier access to the right services at the right time
  • Health and social care working together for everyone’s benefit
  • Better support for people, closer to home
  • Reduce and prevent unnecessary hospital admissions

How it works

To achieve our aims, we have integrated our specialist teams with those from Cornwall Council’s Adult Care and Support into six new health and social care early intervention services (EIS), across Cornwall. These EIS services have close links to local GP practices, community groups and volunteers, so that support is available from as wide a range of organisations and people as possible.

The organisations delivering the Early Intervention Service are:

  • Peninsula Community Health
  • Cornwall Council Adult Care and Support
  • Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust
  • Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust

 Home Visit

This idea isn’t new – our services already work well together and the EIS services build on these existing relationships. These pages, which will be regularly updated, include more information about the EIS services and how they can help you in future. Please follow the links:

EIS news and newsletters

EIS Executive Board summaries

How do EIS services work?

Your local EIS service

EIS service consultation events

FAQs about EIS services

Specific FAQs for patients and carers

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