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Peninsula Community Health

Patients Views of the Service

"You are a miracle worker! I'm so pleased. It was so easy - I wish someone had told me all this before." (Person with voice problems July 2013)


Person with voice problems July 2013

"Thanks so much. I wouldn't be here like this without you" (Person who had had a stroke)


Person who has had a stroke

"Within a few sessions you identified the problems that I had to conquer and given me a path to the solution. The speed of my improvement has been beyond my expectations and this is completely down to the wonderful treatment and care you have provided" (Person with a speech problem)


Person with a speech problem

"I am ringing to thank you very very much for a very informative and excellent session. You were so helpful and I am grateful for all your advice and patience whilst visiting me" (Person with MS who had swallowing problems)


Person with MS who had swallowing problems

"At our recent ball I was able to get up in front of 200 guests and make an unexpected short speech. I could express my thanks publically for the care and assistance received from you, so many thanks. It was all through you" (Person with speech difficulty due to Parkinson's Disease)


Person with speech difficulty due to Parkinson's Disease