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Our Results

We are proud to publish our results since implementation in April 2013. We hope to continue increasing our response rate, the huge number of patients who say they would be ‘extremely likely’ to recommend us is a great affirmation of how our services are received.

The Friends and Family Test gives patients the opportunity to give us their views of the care or treatment they have received providing us with valuable feedback about our patients' perception of care given by Peninsula Community Health.


Dec 2014

Jan 2015

Feb 2015





  98.47 97.43 97.24
Breakdown of responses
Extremely likely 760 859 780 1128
Likely 98 109 93 142
Neither likely nor unlikely 4 7 7 16
Unlikely 3 1 4 7
Extremely unlikely 5 3 3 6
Don't know 5 4 10 7

Response rate

Total discharges/attendances 5047 4876 4690 5544
Total returns 875 983 896 1306
Response rate (%) 17.3 20.2 19.1 23.6

The scores are a numerical score (not a percentage score) as they are calculated using the proportion of patients who would strongly recommend (option 1) minus those who would not recommend (options 4 and 5) and those who are indifferent (option 3). This method yields a score of anywhere between -100 and +100. To view all of our results from April 2013 to present date please download our Friends and Family Results Table

“It’s fantastic that so many of you are keen to give feedback and help us improve the service that you, your family and friends receive in hospital.

We would love more of you to tell us about your experiences when visiting one of our Minor Injury Units or staying in one of our Community Hospital wards.

It is through your feedback (good or bad) that we learn so much and the staff in each hospital ward and Minor Injury Unit can see where and why patients perceive the service to be excellent, or where they might need to improve.

Everyone in PCH, from the frontline staff to the senior managers of the Board, is committed to improving patient care and keen to hear patients’ views and ensure we act on them.”

Bev Balin, Patient Experience Manager