Peninsula Community Health

Innovations and Developments

We are passionate about learning from each other and support all of our staff to innovate - so that we can develop and understand our business better together.

The secret to nurturing successful innovation in the workplace is not waiting until an idea is perfect - but encouraging the discussion of early ideas and imagination - so that they can be shared and helped to get off the ground. This page is a place where we are raising our ideas, sharing any developments that our teams have been involved with and also valuing any lessons learnt from things that didn't go so well.

Please see the menu to the left to explore some of our recent innovations.

Femmeze Paddle

A tool to assist women who are suffering from prolapse

Newquay Pathfinder Project 

A pioneering project aiming to improve integration between health and social care services and the voluntary sector 

Hydration Project

A project raising awareness about dehydration through training and the invention of supportive drinking aids

Koala Cable Project

A new tool to help prevent the contamination of hospital cables around patient beds