Peninsula Community Health


To apply for the below vacancies or for further information, please contact Jenny Wilkins -Volunteer Coordinator on  or 07968706106.


New Volunteer Roles – Mealtime Assistants

Peninsula Community Health is growing its Hospital Volunteer Service to include a volunteer mealtime assistant scheme. The mealtime volunteers will provide additional support for patients who need help with eating and drinking.

10 volunteers from East Cornwall will be the first to receive special training and will soon begin helping on the wards.

Volunteer Mealtime Assistants will help by sitting with patients during mealtimes, encouraging and assisting them to eat and drink. It is also an ideal time to have a friendly chat, making mealtimes socialable and enjoyable.

Training is provided so that mealtime volunteers are aware of what can affect a patient’s ability to feed themselves, understand the importance of different food consistencies, and know what to look out for that might indicate a patient is having difficulty eating or drinking. 

Training includes:

  • basic assistance to help a patient to eat and drink safely
  • monitor how much they have eaten and drunk
  • report any concerns to the nurse in charge

Please let others know who might be interested in this exciting volunteer opportunity. 


New Volunteer Roles - Community Hospital Volunteer Befriender 

Volunteers can help to reduce loneliness and isolation of patients by encouraging them to take part in social and recreational activities including: reading; crosswords; puzzles; playing cards; or just having a friendly conversation. 

You must have excellent communication skills, a sense of humour, empathy and understanding. 

Full training and expenses provided.