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Easy Read - Making a complaint 
Easy Read - Traffic lights
Easy Read - Consent
Easy Read - Service Leaflet


Admissions Document - APP101221014 

Admission Assessment - Available via Integra - Code: CHA2998

Cardiac Services Appointment Card - APP02313032013

Consent - Form for Adults Who Are Unable to Consent to Investigation or Treatment - Available via Integra - Code: CHA2336

Consent - Post-Mortem - Under Review

Consent for Medical Photography - Under Review

Consent - Patient Agreement to Investigation or Treatment - Available via Integra - Code: CHA2333

Consent - Parental Agreement to Investigation or Treatment of a Child or Young Person - Available via Integra - Code: CHA2334

Consent - Patient/Parental Agreement to Investigation or Treatment for Procedures Where Consciousness Is Not Impaired - Available via Integra - Code: CHA2335

Issues of Appliances Communication Aid -APP10626112014

Patient Care Record - Available via Integra - Code: CHA2999

Patient Property Form - APP8918092014

Podiatry Referral Form - APP13501062015 

Pulmonary Rehab Referral Form - APP00623102012

Subject Access Request (SAR) Form

Subject Access Request - Health Professional Disclosure Agreement for Release 

Telehealth Patient Consent Form

Telehealth Services Referral Form

Telehealth UTI Service Referral Form 

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Clinical Publications

Allow a Natural Death Form - Available via Integra - Code: CHA2823

Best Interest Assessment Document: End of Life Care Decision Making - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3515

Blood Transfusion Care Plan - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3011

Body Map for Skin Bundle - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3012

Bowel Care Plan - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3013

Bristol Stool Chart - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3000

C Diff Care Plan - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3014

Care Plan - Available via Integra - Code: CHA1520

Care Plan Evaluation - Available via Integra - Code: CHA1521

Catheter Care Plan - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3015

Central Venous Catheter & Audit - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3285

Community Admission Assessment Booklets - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3220

COPD Self Management Booklet - APP7207082014

Daily Fluid Chart - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3017

Day of Discharge Checklist - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3018

Diabetes Monitoring Chart - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3019

Diagnostic Investigations - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3222

Discharge Care Plan - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3225

Fall Care Plan - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3021

Falls Risk Screening Tool - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3022

Female Incontinence Pathway - APP05624092013

Information Regarding Pathway for Female Urinary Incontinence

Food Chart - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3001

Indwelling Urinary Catheterisation Record - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3225

Inter Healthcare Transfer of Care - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3131

IV Care Plan - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3023

IV Care Plan Prompts - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3024

Healthcare Associated Infection Assessment - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3010

Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3026

Non Complex or 24HR Admission Booklets - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3221

Nutritional Care Plan Prompts - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3028

Multidisciplinary Communication - Available via Integra - Code: CHA1523

Pain Assessment Record Sheet - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3002

Pain Assessment - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3029

Patient Care Plan - Available via Integra - Code: CHA2999

Patient Handling Action Plan - Available via Integra - Code: CHA2580

Patient Manual Handling Risk Assessment - Available via Integra - Code: CHA2559

Pressure Ulcer Care Plan - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3032

Pressure Ulcer Leaflet - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3516 

Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3003

Priorities For the Care of the Dying Patient - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3521

Record of Assessment  - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3223

Staff Briefing Sheet for Continence - APP00709112012 

Transdermal Patch Positioning Chart - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3034

Verification of Expected Death Form - APP13822122014

Weight Chart - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3004

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Clinical Posters

5 Moments of Hand Washing - APP14223122014

A Guide to Datix Reporting - APP11401122014

Allow A Natural Death (AND) A2 - APP06009062014

Data Protection CQC Inspection Chart - APP13618122014

Decision Making Framework Relating to Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - APP16415012015

Gold Standard Framework (GSF) Flowchart - APP12109122014

Needle Stick Injury - APP13116122014

Nurses Flowchart - Deceased Patient - APP11602122014

Nutrition and Hydration - APP8617092014

Power of Attorney A3 - APP11501122014

Priorities for Care of the Dying Person - APP12009122014

Procedure for Verifying Expected Death - APP16315012015

Stroke 45 Minutes - APP02816042013

What Is Clinical Supervision? - APP11301122014

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Staff Posters

Catheter Masterclass Dates - APP16627012015

CIF Members Poster - APP10512112014 

Feasibility Study Using Mixed Methods - APP18409042015

Flu Jab Campaign poster 2 - APP10230102014

Flu Jab Campaign poster 1 - APP13518122014 

Flu Jab Campaign - January - APP16521012015

Flex-e-Care - Joining PCH - APP04216052013

Friends and Family Ward Promotional Poster

Friends and Family MUI Promotional Poster

Feedback and Outcome Poster

Feedback Box 15X15cm

Feedback Box 20X20cm

Friends and Family Main Board Banner (Split into 3 A4 parts)

Interpreter Information for Staff - APP15012012015

Protected Mealtimes

Say No to Noro

How to Make a Safeguarding Alert - APP7727082014

Safeguarding Unit - APP7828082014

Total Rewards Poster - APP100221014

Urine Colour Chart - APP18111032015

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Staff Publications

Back Exercises for Staff - APP1092711201

Checklist for Prevention of Dermatitis

Dermatitis Risk Assessment Tool (for the individual) 

Dermatitis Risk Assessment Tool (Generic Organisation)

Flu Myth Busters - APP10330102014

Fraud and Bribery - Information for Staff - APP16728012015

General Exercises for Staff - APP11127112014

Hand Hygiene Notice 

Handling Patient Information - 

How to Raise a Concern - APP13015122014

Lower Body Exercises for Staff - APP11227112014

Menopause Awareness for Staff - APP17725022015

Nutrition and Hydration Pocket Guide - APP8516092014

Priorities For Care of the Dying Person: Staff Duties and Responsibilities Leaflet - APP110909122014

Safeguarding Adults - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3224

Skin Safety for Staff- APP18827042015

Skin Surveillance Checklist Following OH Intervention

Staff Wellbeing Leaflet - APP05315052014

Stay Active Advice for Staff - APP11027112014

Stress Awareness for Staff - APP9407102014

Visual Assessment Tool for Dermatitis

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Patient Posters

Accessible Communications (Translation) Poster - APP13216122014

Are Your Hands Clean? - APP15914012015

Acute GP: Better Together - APP7022072014

Camborne Redruth Opening Times - APP13722122014

Choose Better - Choosing the Right Service

Emergency Dental Helpline -APP162115012015

Hospital Befrienders - APP06810072014

Information Sharing - For Patients - APP17518022015

Learning Disabilities Screening Liaison Nurse - Deborah Rees - APP15414012015

Learning Disabilities Liaison Nurse - CRCH, Edward Hain: Karen Clark - APP15714012015

Learning Disabilities Liaison Nurse - Liskeard, St Austell, Fowey: Kylie Cox - APP15614012015

Learning Disabilities Liaison Nurse - Bodmin, Launceston, Stratton, Saltash: Ruth Kimberley - APP15814012015

Learning Disabilities Liaison Nurse - Helston, Falmouth, Newquay: Sam Edwards - APP15314012015

Learning Disabilities Screening Liaison Nurse - Sharon Ashby - APP15514012015

Patient Wi-fi - How to Connect - APP06219062014

Patient Wi-fi Information - APP06119062014

Patient Advice Liaison Service (PALS) Poster - APP06928012014

PALS - Making a Complaint - APP14123122014

Recording Devices in Hospitals - APP15213012015 

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Patient Publications/Booklets

24 Hours of Rehab: Every Day Tasks - APP06703122013

Accessing and Sharing Information - Acting on Behalf of a Person with Dementia

Adults Guidance on Sharing Information - APP04711032014

My Advance Statement of Preferences and Wishes - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3513

My Advance Statement to Refuse Treatment - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3514

Advice for an Overactive Bladder - APP05924092013

Bladder Diary for 24 Hours - APP05724092013

Bladder Diary Instructions - APP05824092013

C-Dif Leaflet for Patients - APP14708012015

Continence Symptom Profile - APP05524092013

Diabetic Foot Clinic - Increased Risk [Warm] - APP17028012015

Diabetic Foot Clinic - Low Risk - APP16928012015

Diabetic Foot Advice - High Risk - APP16828012015

Easy Read - Minor Injury Unit Leaflet - APP06510102013

Easy Read - Friends and Family Leaflet - APP9029092014

ESBL Leaflet for Patients - APP14808012015

Leaving Hospital - Available via Integra - Code: CHA2492

How We Use Your Healthcare Records - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3486 

Information for the Bereaved (Bodmin) - APP13416122014

Information for the Bereaved (CRCH) - APP04901042014 - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3402

Information for the Bereaved (Ed Hain) - APP12911122014

Information for the Bereaved (Falmouth)

Information for the Bereaved (Fowey) - APP14022122014

Information for the Bereaved (Helston) APP12811122014

Information for the Bereaved (Isles of Scilly (St Mary's)) - APP13316122014

Information for the Bereaved (Launceston) - APP12411122014

Information for the Bereaved (Newquay) APP12711122014

Information for the Bereaved (SACH) APP12611122014

Information for the Bereaved (St Barnabas) - APP13922122014

Information for the Bereaved (Stratton) APP12511122014

Introduction to the Gold Standards Framework - APP12209122014 - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3518

MRSA Leaflet for Patients - APP14908012015

Patient Information Leaflet - Continence - APP00809112012

Patient Advice Liaison Service (PALS) - Available via Integra - Code: CHA3517

Parents and Carers Guidance on Consent - APP00307092012V1 

Expert Patient Programme - APP024 02042013

Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises for Men - APP06124092013

Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises for Women - APP06024092013 

Prayers for Use in Hospital - APP7626082014

Prayers for Use in Hospitals 2 - APP8717092014 

Probiotics - APP06404102013

Resuscitation and Allow a Natural Death Leaflet - APP06203102013

Syringe Driver - Patient Information - APP17625022015

Volunteer Befriender Application Form - APP7122072014 

Volunteer Service - APP067100714

Welcome to PCH leaflet - APP15112012015

What is Bovine TB - APP05804062014 

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Services Posters

Physiotherapy Drop-in Posters - A3 - Newquay, Helston, Bodmin - APP03019042013

Physiotherapy Drop-in Posters - A4 - Newquay, Helston, Bodmin - APP03319042013

Physiotherapy Drop-in Posters - A5 - Newquay, Helston, Bodmin - APP03619042013

Musculoskeletal - A1 - APP99221014

Minor Injury Unit Service: Privacy Notice - APP07005032014

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Services Publications

Acute Care at Home - APP01303122012

AQP NHS Physiotherapy Flyer - APP06603122013

AQP Physiotherapy - A Guide For GP's - APP02919042013

Accessing MSK - APP10412112014

Adult Speech and Language Therapy Guide for Patients - APP05324072013

Adult Speech and Language Therapy - Could you unlock the laughter? - APP17417022015

Adult Speech and Language - Parkinsons - APP7312082014

Bladder and Bowel - APP07111042013

Cornwall Stroke Therapy Service - APP05024072013

Falls Service Leaflet - APP05124072013


Neurology Care Advice Service - APP00421092012 

Neuro Rehab Leaflet - APP04924072013

Parkinson's Nurse Specialists - APP05113052014

Physical Rehabilitation and Home Adaptation - APP05424072013

Podiatry Patient Leaflet - APP04805062014V2

Respiratory Team Leaflet (East Cornwall) - APP06303102013

Telecoaching Patient Leaflet - APP00920112012

Therapy in Community Hospital: What to Expect - APP18009032015

Vasectomy - APP05214052014

Wheelchair Service - APP05224072013

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