Diet Tips – What is functional fitness exercise?

Functional fitness exercise has been called one of the biggest fitness trends of the year. ‘Functional fitness’ or ‘total body training’ are fancy new terms for good old-fashioned fitness exercise derived from daily physical labor such as pushing, pulling and lifting.
The goal of functional fitness exercise is to be able to move with ease and prevent pain during activities of daily living (ADL). Does your back hurt after pulling weeds? Do you lose your balance when you squat down to take the laundry out of the dryer?
Awareness of functional fitness, also known as total body fitness, resulted from the observation that even the most trim, tight and toned athletes have experienced the pain of pulled muscles when doing mundane, everyday tasks, like picking up a child, or even getting out of bed in the morning.
The roots of today’s functional fitness exercise craze originated in the realm of physical rehabilitation where injured people were taught how to move ergonomically in order to reduce future injuries, while also strengthening muscles and increasing coordination. Benefits of functional fitness exercise include improved:
• balance
• stability
• flexibility
• agility
• reaction time
• endurance
A key aspect of functional fitness exercise is that it involves performing several simultaneous movements requiring upper- and lower-body muscles, such as lifting and twisting, and primarily strengthens the core muscles of the abdomen and back. When performing functional exercises, you are most often standing and supporting your own weight.
In the gym, functional fitness exercise is often performed on a wobble board, or with balance balls or resistance bands, allowing for three planes of motion:
• forward and backward
• lateral or side-to-side
• rotational or twisting
Most gyms today offer functional fitness exercise training programs but you can do it yourself at home with a good Pilates or yoga instructional video program. If you are trying to achieve fast weight loss, you can add a weight loss diet, diet pills, weight loss products or a diet supplement to your fitness exercise regimen.

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