Diet Tips – Simple strategy to lose weight in a month

A person must take several steps in order to learn how to lose weight in a month. It is very possible for a person to lose approximately four to eight pounds in one month with a simple mathematical calculation. The easiest way is to remember that one pound is equal to 3,500 calories. The person desiring to lose weight will use this formula to complete the task. The following are steps on how to develop the most successful weight loss plan:

Establish a Goal

How to Lose Weight in a Month – establish a goalThe first step in the process is establishing a goal. To lose four pounds in one month is easily attainable. It requires the loss of one pound per week. This means the person must eliminate 3,500 calories each week.

Calculate Daily Calorie Intake

How to Lose Weight in a Month – calculate calorie intakeNext, the dieter must figure out how many calories that he or she needs to maintain the same weight. Many tools are available online to figure this calculation. An inactive woman who weighs 100 pounds and has a height of five feet and two inches needs to consume 1,550 calories per day to maintain her weight. 1550 calories seven days is equal to 10,850 calories per week.

Subtracting 3,500 calories from 10,850 calories will leave the person with a weight loss of one pound in one week. Therefore, she will have to monitor her calories and consume only 1,050 calories per day. That is a 500-calorie daily deduction from what she needs to maintain her weight.

Weight Loss Solutions

A dieter can either remove 500 calories from his or her meal or exercise to burn the calories. A mixture of the two methods is probably best. To lose weight, the dieter does not have to make major dieting changes. He or she could make small changes such as substituting whole milk for skim milk, replacing breads with vegetables, or skipping one large daily meal.

For the best results, one should consume nutritious foods at least five times per day. Eating small frequent meals boosts the metabolism and helps with weight loss.

A person who is trying to lose weight can participate in a wide variety of exercises that can help burn off extra calories. Walking for two miles can burn approximately 126 calories. A game of bowling burns approximately 138 calories. The enjoyable act of sexual intercourse burns approximately 192 calories. Shooting basketball hoops for one hour can eliminate 204 calories. Running at a speed of six miles per hour for one hour can burn a whopping 456 calories.

The dieter can use his or her imagination to mix and match activities and changes in the diet. As long as the person follows the formula, he or she can lose four pounds in one month.

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