Diet Tips – Exercising For Weight Loss

When it comes to exercising there are two main categories, aerobics and weight training. Aerobics focuses on fast paced, repetitive activities of little resistance, designed to strengthen your heart and improve the health of your lungs and other crucial bodily functions.

Weight training or “resistance training”, focuses on building muscle strength through concentrated and isolated movements that target specific muscles individually. Both methods of training are helpful in building muscle tone and losing weight, yet the popular belief is that aerobic exercise is better for weight loss than weight (resistance) training. However this is not necessarily true.

The belief that aerobic exercise is more effective at weight loss, stems from the fact that muscle weighs more than fat, and so therefore people believe that building muscle will make you bulky and cause you to weigh MORE.

The truth is, one pound of muscle burns 300-500 calories every week to sustain itself, while a pound of fat only burns about 15 calories per week to sustain itself. Therefore building muscle is the BEST thing you can do to boost your metabolism and burn fat while you sleep. There is really no need to fret about getting bulky muscles, because you can use moderately heavy weights and do it only twice a week, and it will still increase your overall muscle mass.

Whether you use aerobic or weight training to lose weight, there is no need to over exert yourself at all. Actually, over-exertion is the main problem most people have when trying to build muscle or lose weight.

Your body needs twice as much rest as it does exercise, and if it doesn’t get the rest that it needs, you will experience malnutrition and fatigue, which will completely stunt your results regardless of the outcome that you’re aiming for. The most effective method of weight loss would be a combination of aerobics, weight training and good dieting.

When choosing the best exercise/dieting regimen, remember to include foods that you enjoy eating and exercises that are not too strenuous. You want to make it as easy as possible to stick to your plan.

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