Diet Tips – Scientific weight loss

Alimentary abstinence reduces fat is not a good idea. Especially when slim temporary “promotion” are more wrinkled skin, pale.

And when your body is tired that can not continue alimentary abstinence further, then excess fat turns back and also has a “fertile” than before.

In addition to regular exercise and sports, you should train yourself a reasonable diet, eventually your body will have a balance body.

Eat more fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables provide many vitamins that are good for health and skin, especially it enhances the body’s resistance.

Eating fish: Eating fish at least twice a week. All fish are good but mackerel, smelt and salmon are rich in substance against aging and helps the body from obesity.

Drink tea: tea (especially green tea) is considered the best water in the drink. It helps anti-aging and contains lots of nature resistance.

Eating soy products: Eat soy products daily, at least three times a week because soy contains many beneficial nutrients for the body.

Abstinence calories into the body: Do not “loaded” too many unnecessary calories. When the body has a healthy balance, you should keep your body weight is average or “below average” to be a bit younger and live longer.

Do not eat meat: Cut back on meat, especially steak and fries.

Limit drinking alcohol: Drinking alcohol greatly affects the health and beauty. You should drink 1-2 glasses of red wine per day, will be very good for your heart.

Eating garlic: Garlic contains a lot of resistance substances that are good for the body. Each day, eating a raw or cooked garlic may help you young in long term and illness (especially with the flu).

Eat less sweets: Sweets not only make it easy to gain weight, obesity but also risk of diabetes mellitus.

Eating vegetable oils: For a healthy body, you should eat vegetable oils instead of animal fats. Sesame oil, soy oil, olive oil … are good for health.


People with little body … Oversized people often wonder when choosing a skirt, jacket. You can overcome this shortcoming by:

– Choose dark, dark as it feels smaller body, the slimmer design.

– Select small flower and straight stripe. Young women are too fat, should not get the big check or horizontal stripes.

– You should choose the type of soft fabric, flat surface, do not type too thick or too thin. Because fat people wear thick fabric that looks as rough, thin coat over is the exposed body.

– Type of dress, tight neck, tight or her big shirt neck is inconsistent with the fat. Best to choose the type of dress or simple trousers neat, little complex, cumbersome lines.

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