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Mind Body Health Programs, Inc. is recognized as a leader in the currently booming field of weight loss. The Mind Body Medical Weight Loss Program was developed as an effective medical weight loss program that has helped thousands of patients shed pounds and inches, under their doctors care. Their are several options available, depending on your desires and practice needs. Our nutritional software and lifestyle  programs allow your staff to individualize a patients diet based on sound nutritional principles relating to the patients health condition.  The program is easy to follow and proven to produce successful results. Every Mind Body Medical Weight Loss Center has an exclusive geographic territory that is determined based on population and demographics of the area. Most MD’s Qualify. We will provide health history, basic exam equiment, intake forms, questionarres, treatment protocols, billing codes, software, staff training, patient training kits as well as all the tools neccesary to start seeing patients upon completion of the set-up process, allowing you to immediately open your doors to new business. You will also have practice advancing options and program upgrades for an additional monthly fee, if you wish to add management, patient adherence assistance through our technology platform.

When you expand your practice with Mind Body Medical Weight Loss, you’ll own a practice that…

Improves your patient’s health

Changes lives for the better

Is a simple and practical operational model

Creates multiple streams of residual income

Produces increased revenue potential

Is a system that is easy to operate

Only requires small staffing needs

Offers a flexible schedule

Improves office moral

Promotes an enthusiastic work enviorment

It is motivating to others

You can ‘Start-Up’ for as low as $15,000.00

Patients can order training materials, reducing your overhead and out of pocket start-up cost.

There is No Better Time to Expand Your Practice with Mind Body Medical Weight Loss

The best way to healthy weight loss is through professional medical care, a well balanced diet plan, behavior modification, one on one counseling and making the right choices. If doing this alone was easy, no one would ever have a weight challenge. To succeed, people need help and support. Mind Body Weight Loss is a proprietary approach to weight loss that works. Now is the best time to expand your practice and join in leading the booming weight loss industry. Approximately 70% of the population is overweight, 23 million people are 100+ pounds over their ideal weight. 2/3 of adults in the United States are considered to be overweight. The weight loss industry is over a $46 billion dollar per year industry. Women make up the majority of this market as consumers of weight loss-related products and services. This is particularly true of women between the ages of 30-65, which includes the lucrative baby boomer population. Mind Body Weight Loss offers plans for  the whole family, men, women and children of all ages, capturing a vast range of individuals and consumers who are seeking to lose weight and live healthier more active lives.

As a Mind Body Weight Loss Practice Expansion Licensee, You Are Never Alone.

Mind Body Health Programs, Inc. is dedicated to your success. You can be assured that you’ll receive a complete, turnkey business system that helps you open the doors to your new business quickly and effectively. We have developed professional individual club web sites for all 50 states and soon to be opened locations, increasing search engine presence, brand recognition and member leads. We are capturing new member leads for you before you even own your territory. You can also expect:

Highly effective professional staff training

Advertising and marketing support

On-going guidance & Support Being part of a growing industry

Producing Steady Streams Of Residual Income

An experienced and proven leadership team

Various Opportunities Are Available to Meet Your Needs and Goals. Depending on your location and demographics. We can help you reach your practice goals with wellness lifestyle programs, to meet the market demand in your area. We provide three business models. In fact, as part of our Mind Body Medical Weight Loss Center and Mind Body Exercise Center team, business models. The initial investment for a Mind Body Medical Weight Loss Center starts at $15,000 Silver Model (Fitness Affiliate), $35,000 Gold Model or $75,000 Platnium model per hospital expansion, which does not include operating capital. Please ask us about our AssistMed Network Discount if you qualify.

Mind Body Medical Weight Loss or Mind Body Medical Center Practice Expansion

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